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Technical Support

Pre-Sales Consulting

We strive to help the target customers to select the proper products (programs) with our comprehensive and thoughtful pre-service in the hope that the customers can gain the interest or reach the goals through the right choice and fully play the products’(program) values.

After-Sale Service

Shenzhen Leshin Science &Technology Co., Ltd., which believes in the principle of Customers First, will provide the customer with the best quality products, and the most convenient, efficient, thoughtful and professional 24-hour service.

Many of the technical service center have been set in Shenzhen, as far as in South Korea, Taiwan, Dongguan, Kunshan, Tianjin, Qingdao,and other regions. And in the next three years, Shenzhen Leshin Science &Technology Co., Ltd. will plan to set up branch offices in Central and West regions of China , which can quickly meet the customers’ service response from home and overseas.

Free Training

In order to realize the maximum value of the products,We’ll provide our customers’staff with a thorough training in the manner of on-site training or issuing the training materials in the early stages of their purchasing of our products.

Service guarantee

For all the products under the warranty period, we can quarantee to provide the network handling of the problems within 24 hours or on- site solving within 48 hours in these regions of Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and the northern regions of China. For other far areas , 24 hours’ online handling and 72 hours on-site service can be promised. As far as the Contract maintenance or verify service,24 hours on-line or 48 on-site service can be offered for all the relevant products regardless of the brand and purchasing time.

Software Upgrade

All the products' software can be upgraded freely under the warranty period.
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