Creepage Leading Trace Testing Instrument

Product model:LX-5023A/B


Products details:

The Machine is strictly designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of IEC 60335 , GB4706.1 , IEC 884-1 , GB 2099.1 .VDE , GB 4207 standards. It may cause the insulation between live parts of different polarity or live parts and grounded metal parts if the products are affected by the wet or dust environment. Due to electrical arcing caused by a short circuit or the material corrosion or even cause a fire. This test machine is to simulate a destructive test instrument above the experimental material .This test is used to test and assess the insulator’s  leakage resistance under the required voltage. This machine applies to electrical and electronic products, appliances’ solid electrical insulating materials ,etc.EX: Relay Socket , Switch cover , Contactor body .

Specification &Parameters 


LX-5023 A ≥0.5 m3

LX-5023 B ≥0.75-1.0 m3

Electric load 

experimental voltage :100-600V (optional),

short-circuit current :1A±0.1A


1.0N±0.05N (Rectangular platinum electrode)

Drip device 

Drip height:30mm-40mm (optional),

Drip size :44-55/cm3 

Interval:30±5 s

Product features 

Made of Stainless steel and brass, Platinum electrode head, 

resistance to high temperature and corrosion, accurate counter 

of drip, the control system is stable and reliable,

Power supply

AC 220V/ 50 Hz

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