Cable/Harness Tester Series

Product model:LX-550A+


Technical Specifications and Parameters

Cable/Harness Tester (low-pressure type) features its capability of testing the components inside the wire, the test speed more than double faster than that of the traditional wire testers, and the provision of such functions as unilateral, turn-on resistance editing, and spot metering color editing. 

Detailed parameters are as follows:

·The test points: 1~512 points (Pin)for Optional

·The measurement speed: 128/10mS; 

·The instant short circuit test time: adjustable 0~ 60 seconds; 

·The test modes: manual, automatic, continuous; 

·The file storage: 512KB, capable of storing at most 56 groups of set files;

·Point finding: automatic scanning reading points, and displaying O/S connection relationship; 

·The test items: providing short circuit, open circuit, dislocation, instant short-circuit and open-circuit test, and one-step completion of all the items; 

·The statistical statement: Capable of providing the number input of order quantity production, the timely provision of a statistical analysis of the good products and the defective products whose yield has been completed, and capbale of arbitrarily setting the number of each bundle according to the requirement and of improving production efficiency; 

·The Jig and communication: possessing remote monitoring whose communication interface capable of realizing the communication with the clients’ PLC automaticjig

·The USB communication: providing two USB ports andRS232 communication interfaces, capable of supporting USB file reading and writing or connecting communication with the PC; 

·The interface display: providing large-screen 320X240 display in Chinese and English, operation interface in Chinese/English or in Korean/English available for option; 

·The sound and light caution: providing the caution of different sounds and lights/volumes and interfaces of good products and bad products, and capable of showing the specific reasons for and the pin positions of the defective products;

·The functional expansion: capable of custom-tailoring the other functions and items according to the requirements of the customers; 

Note: connection communications with PC computers or RGB shall be equipped with extra softwares and hardwares whose extra fees will be charged by our Company, so please consider the choices carefully;

Ordering Information: 

·LX-550A+      128Pin

·LX-550A2+     256Pin

·LX-550A3+     384 Pin

·LX-550A4+     512 Pin
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