Cable Tester

Product model:LX-560A

Cable/Harness Tester Technical Specifications and Parameters
Cable/Harness Tester (low-pressure type) features its capability of testing the components inside the wire, the test speed more than double faster than that of the traditional wire testers, and the provision of such functions as unilateral, turn-on resistance editing, and spot metering color editing.
Detailed parameters are as follows:
·The test voltage: direct-current 5VDC;
·The test points: 1~128 points (Pin);or 256Pin
·The short circuit judge: 2KΩ ~ 50KΩ;
·The measurement speed: 128 points/10mS;
·The test modes: manual, automatic, continuous;
·The storage management: 512KB, capable of storing at most 56 groups of set files;
·The resistance measurement: 0.1~10MΩ;
·The diode measurement: 0.0V~7.0V;

·The capacitance test: 10pF~500uF

·The instant short-circuit and open-circuit test: 2KΩ ~50KΩ;
·The instant turn-on test: 0.1Ω-50Ω;
·The turn-on resistance test: 0.1~50Ω (exact value: 0.05Ω)
·The insulation resistance test: 0.1MΩ~10MΩ
·The system possesses the function of automatic scanning and automatic point-finding.
·Providing advanced short circuit, open circuit,dislocation, turn-on resistance and instant short-circuit and open-circuit testing, one-step completion of all the functional testings;
·Providing unilateral, standard, multi-segment and spot-metering functions.
·Providing fast and accurate test about double faster than that of the traditional product testing within the industry;
·The system providing statistics and print functions, and providing a statistical analysis of defective products.
·Possessing remote montior and RS232 communication interface;
·Providing two USB ports, and supporting USB file reading and writing;
Ordering Information:
·LX-560A     128Pin
·LX-560B     256Pin
·LX-550B     384 Pin
·LX-550B2    512 Pin


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